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Code of Conduct

Forum Code of Conduct:

Let me be clear, this forum is not a "Bitch Board". 

Let me say that again



This forum was created to allow for better communication and coordination between all the members of DSB. All communication that involves any DSB information should be treated as confidential information and not shared with outside DSB parties or shared on any other platform without express permission from the National Board. This forum is only viewable if you have a membership access that is granted via the website manager. This allows for the members to communicate confidential information, such as DSB internal documents, without fear of accidental dissemination. 

  • Treat everyone with respect and understand that not all posts are written in the "tone" you think you are reading it in. Understand that sarcasm doesn't come across text very well. So don't get your panties in a bunch over a misunderstanding. ASK for clarification if need be.


  • If you have a concern in the club that you are posting about, please keep member names or identifying information private so that the discussion on the situation can be handled without personal bias.  Do not post a concern without suggesting a solution. Otherwise, your just bitching, refer back to the top statement on this page.                               


  • Be adults, don't abuse this forum and ruin this tool for the rest of us.

  • Your access to this website shall be revoked upon termination from this club.


  • Do not use this platform as your personal soap box. Discussion on bylaws and situations are welcome, but not if you are bitching vs trying to gain knowledge and understanding of a situation, getting advice, or posing solutions to a problem.  

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